How much does it cost for a business to make a custom WeChat app? How long does it take to develop?

The first kind: the enterprise develops its own small program

Cost: 300 microsoft authentication fee + domain name + https certificate fee + server costs + pay the cost of time, the server is generally in the 3000 yuan a year or so, the domain name is generally in the tens of dollars a year

Set up a team: need front-end development, back-end development, UI design, test engineers, product managers. According to the salary level of second-tier cities, front-end developer is about 10000 yuan a month, back-end developer is about 15000 a month, UI design is about 8000 a month, test engineer is about 8000 a month, product manager is about 10000 a month, the above does not include other employee benefits and site costs.

Time spent: depends on the functional requirements, generally speaking, from a few months

Development steps: register public number – register small program – apply for wechat payment – buy server – register domain name – domain name filing – write code – program installation on line

The second type: find outsourcing team to develop WeChat small program

Cost: at least 20,000 or more by market price, the more complex the function, the higher the cost, especially the e-commerce category

Duration: typically more than 1 month, depending on the complexity of the function.

This approach is suitable for enterprises and individuals with high requirements for small programs or specific functional needs, the advantage is that the development cycle is fast, quality and after-sales service is guaranteed. The disadvantage is that the cost is relatively high, and software companies need to distinguish between mixed fish and dragons.

In summary, WeChat small program is not a fixed template, everyone has different functional requirements focus, different budgets, different requirements standards. So according to their own actual situation, multiple comparisons to choose the development method that best meets their needs.

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