OpenAI leak fiasco: Q* project reveals AI’s ability to program itself, sparking global security concerns

OpenAI’s Q project has been in the spotlight recently, exposing the amazing ability of AI to program itself. In a leaked document, OpenAI employees revealed the Q project’s success in breaking encryption, raising global security concerns about AI’s impending

Key Events:

Employees posted posts the day before Altman’s firing alleging that the AI was programming itself, triggering the exposure of more insider documents.
QNews has come out of the project that AI is secretly programming itself and is able to break encryption. An employee in the QThe letter was leaked before warning the board of directors, describing the AI’s sudden demonstration of the ability to program itself, sparking internal tensions.
Leaked documents reveal that the Q* program not only improves the ability to choose optimal actions, but also demonstrates amazing achievements in self-learning and cryptanalysis.
Netizens analyzed the leaked documents in depth and questioned their authenticity, but the correct use of some terminology added to their credibility.
Netizens expressed distrust of the message, with some arguing that the TUNDRA program is an undergraduate student-government partnership that is not highly confidential.
Technical Details:

The Q* project dynamically reconfigures neural network structure through metacognitive ability to self-optimize.
The leaked document mentions the ability to solve AES-192 and AES-256 encryption, challenging the current mainstream encryption methods.
Employees warn the discovery makes encryption meaningless and could lead to the collapse of the digital economy and the exposure of classified government, healthcare data.
If the news is true, AI’s metacognitive abilities suggest that humans are gradually losing control of computing, potentially ushering in the disruption of the global economy and government systems.
Social Impact:

OpenAI’s internal turmoil and the board’s lack of clarity on the reasons for Altman’s dismissal have sparked public concern about AI development and security.
Netizens have expressed concern that the news, if true, will bring AI closer to AGI and could trigger worldwide chaos.
The expertise of the authors of the leaked documents casts doubt on their authenticity, but it has also sparked a broader discussion about the direction and safety of AI research.
The leaks triggered by OpenAI’s Q* project revealed the possibility of AI self-programming, bringing concerns about global security. As the technical details came to light, society became more deeply concerned about the development and potential threats to AI. This incident could have far-reaching implications for future developments in computing and security.



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