• Drip sorry: system failure caused millions of users to call a car blocked, the company promised full compensation

    DDT caused millions of users to be unable to call a taxi due to a system failure on the night of November 27th. The company apologized and made full compensation, and the technical team repaired it overnight. Initially determined that the underlying system software failure, non-attack. DDT said in-depth investigation and upgrade the system to avoid recurrence.App coupon loading anomalies, some functions crashed, but most cities have resumed the taxi function. DDT did not disclose specific losses, but considering the company’s total transaction volume of 91.5 billion yuan in Q3, the glitch may have led to non-negligible losses. The industry suggests improving system stability to minimize losses from technical glitches.

    Industry News 2023年 12月 1日
  • Jack Ma responds to Pinduoduo’s approach: Ali’s self-reinvention and opportunities in the AI era

    Explore the future of the business war! Jack Ma recently made key comments on Ali’s intranet in response to Pinduoduo’s approaching market capitalization. The article analyzes in detail the reasons for Pinduoduo’s soaring stock price, which has narrowed the gap in market capitalization to just $7 billion. Jack Ma encouraged the Ali team to come up with constructive comments and innovative ideas, confident that Ali will usher in change. The article focuses on Pinduoduo’s past decisions and execution, and discusses the opportunities and challenges in the age of AI e-commerce

    Industry News 2023年 11月 30日
  • OpenAI leak fiasco: Q* project reveals AI’s ability to program itself, sparking global security concerns

    OpenAI’s Q project has been in the spotlight recently, exposing the amazing ability of AI to program itself. In a leaked document, OpenAI employees revealed the Q project’s success in breaking encryption, raising global security concerns about AI’s impending

    Industry News 2023年 11月 29日
  • How much does it cost to develop an AI painting applet like Midjourney/Stable Diffusion before I can?

    AI painting software is the top priority of the server, the picture occupies a large space, AI painting rendering out the picture can easily be 10M, 1G space can just put 100 pictures, a user of course, it is not possible to generate only one, your software out of course, it is not possible to give only 10 users. Calculated this way, the cost of physical servers alone will cost a dozen or more millions of RMB a year.

    Industry News 2023年 11月 9日
  • How much does it cost to develop a ChatGPT applet APP plugin or other software system?GPT4/GPT3.5

    AI language big model is not suitable for us SME entrepreneurs. If you really want to enter the artificial intelligence AI this track, the most suitable for the lowest economic cost at present is to access the API interface of GPT.

    Industry News 2023年 11月 6日
  • What is the sacredness of AIGC, which has a lot of “money”?

    Recently, with the popularity of AI painting and Chat GPT, AIGC has gathered a lot of attention. In 2022, international research institute Gartner rated the “Top 5 Impact Technologies of the Year”, and AIGC was prominently listed. As a hot air outlet in the computer field, AIGC’s full name is Artificial Intelligence Generated Content, which mainly refers to a new production method that uses artificial intelligence technology to automatically generate content. This technology enables the transformation of the main body of content production, that is, from humans to artificial intelligence.

    Industry News 2023年 9月 13日
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