• Easygolf Golf Online APP

    Easygolf focuses on the professional field of golf and deeply cultivates various market segments. Committed to building and building related devices that integrate dating, information, and Android and Ios systems. Covering major stadiums in the Philippines, countless users love the online scoring platform. More convenient, faster and more efficient.

    APP 2023年 7月 29日
  • Nigerian GiftQuick Gift Card Currency Exchange System

    GiftQuick is a safe, simple and secure platform located in Nigeria. Initially, customers manually recycle gift cards through social software, which is less efficient and has high labor costs. So find our company to build a gift card recycling app, through the app online recycling cards. Improve recycling efficiency and reduce labor costs.

    APP 2023年 6月 19日
  • The Canadian mobile phone online repair IFIX project includes three languages: Chinese, English and French

    IFIX Canada solves the shortage of maintenance personnel in Canada and achieves efficient matching of information. The system adopts Chinese, English and French three languages, IFIX is a professional mobile phone repair platform. Provide users with mobile phone repair, trade-in, mobile phone recycling and other services. To evaluate the price of a second handset, users can choose services such as trade-in or recycling. Provide VIP service, after purchasing VIP, VIP users can enjoy free mobile phone repair service during the time period. After placing an order, users can choose the nearest store to recycle or express mail the old machine. IFIX continues to provide mobile phone service solutions for users.

    APP, 未分类 2023年 6月 16日
  • City of Montreal, Canada Maintenance Gang Chinese English and French version

    The English and French version of the APP Chinese the maintenance gang in Montreal, Canada, provides a platform for many family service merchants to display. Users can be certified as merchants or brokers in the maintenance gang, and the platform provides many opportunities for merchants to display and expose.

    APP 2023年 5月 12日
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