IFIX Background

IFIX Canada, addressing the shortage of Canadian maintenance personnel and achieving efficient information matching. The system adopts three languages: Chinese, English, and French

IFIX is a professional mobile phone repair platform. Provide users with services such as phone repair, trade in, and phone recycling. After placing an order, users can choose to recycle their old machines at nearby stores or send them by express delivery. IFIX continues to provide mobile service solutions for users.



A collection of various functional entrances, quickly redirecting users to the main functional pages, mainly including quick entrances and news information entrances, selection modules…


Icon area: A quick entry point that includes functions such as exchange, recycling, trade in, VIP, and ordering.
Quickly redirect users to the feature homepage

Invite: Inviting friends to register for IFIX will receive corresponding rewards, and more invitations will bring more rewards

News and information: Display maintenance related news, users can learn about relevant information in a timely manner



Order: Order related information. After submitting the order, the platform will provide feedback on all node information, including whether the transaction is final or not

Common function: Collection of other features to help users use the program, share, help, customer service, coupons, and more

Member: Registering as a member, the platform offers three payment methods: monthly payment, quarterly payment, and annual payment. After purchasing, users can change screens for free within the specified period



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