What is the sacredness of AIGC, which has a lot of “money”?

What is the sacredness of AIGC, which has a lot of "money"?

1. What is AIGC?

Recently, with the popularity of AI painting and Chat GPT, AIGC has gathered a lot of attention. In 2022, international research institute Gartner rated the “Top 5 Impact Technologies of the Year”, and AIGC was prominently listed. As a hot air outlet in the computer field, AIGC’s full name is Artificial Intelligence Generated Content, which mainly refers to a new production method that uses artificial intelligence technology to automatically generate content. This technology enables the transformation of the main body of content production, that is, from humans to artificial intelligence.

From the perspective of general types, with modality as the classification standard, AIGC can be divided into audio generation, text generation, image generation, video generation and cross-modal generation between images, videos, and text, etc., and there are many subdivided scenarios, among which cross-modal generation has outstanding attention value.

From the perspective of development history, the development of AIGC can be roughly divided into three stages, namely the early embryonic stage (from the 50s to the mid-90s of last century), the accumulation stage (from the 90s of last century to the mid-10s of this century), and the rapid development stage (from the mid-10s of this century to the present). In the future, AIGC may become the trend of the times and everywhere.

二、 which industries can AIGC create value for?

As a cutting-edge new production method, AIGC significantly increases the efficiency of model training and greatly reduces the threshold of creation. Baidu founder Robin Li expressed his views on AIGC technology at the 2022 Baidu World Conference: “AIGC may subvert the existing content production model and achieve the generation of AI original content at a thousand-fold production speed at ‘one-tenth of the cost’.” “Relying on AIGC’s powerful content generation capabilities is its potential for unlimited business value. So what industries can AIGC create value for? The following are just some of the examples.


The application of AI pre-consultation provides great convenience for both doctors and patients. AI can replace doctors to understand the basic situation of patients in the pre-consultation stage, and provide doctors with an information base for efficient diagnosis of targeted diagnosis. It not only relieves the pressure of doctors’ work, but also improves the efficiency of patients’ visits, and also alleviates the phenomenon of overcrowding in hospitals as much as possible. In addition, in the field of mental illness, AIGC can also play a role, especially in the effective prevention of autism and Alzheimer’s disease. Compared with communicating with real people, AIGC chatbots break through the limitations of time and space, and as a software program, AIGC has no preset position, can remain calm and neutral in the conversation, and meet the actual needs of users as much as possible.

2. Entertainment

AI painting as a forward force to set off the wave of AI creation is very popular, on the one hand, because the unknown, zero repetition, unlimited and uncertainty of AI painting arouse people’s curiosity, at the same time, only entering descriptive text can produce high-quality paintings, almost no threshold for creation, meeting the needs of painting whites, but also providing inspiration for professional painters. Based on the above, AI painting is still heating up. In addition to painting, AIGC also provides great assistance in the field of film and television, which can provide inspiration for script creation on the one hand, and also reduce the pressure of film and television post-production and rendering, and promote creative implementation.

3. Education

AIGC can help learners organize learning materials and improve the richness and ease of use of learning resources. At the same time, it also helps the production and distribution of educational resources. For example, the Chinese writing intelligent tutoring system “Little Flower Lion” jointly developed by Microsoft Research Asia and East China Normal University uses natural language processing technology to grade students’ essays in real time and analyze the reasons, so as to help students progress.

For educators, AIGC also plays a role in reducing the burden and improving efficiency. For example, the automatic marking technology of homework/test papers, which has been widely used, AI can judge right and wrong, but also generate targeted comments according to specific students, reducing the energy consumed by repetitive work, and also paying attention to the personalized development of students. In addition to this, AI can also extend perception. For example, based on computer vision technology, AI can analyze students’ current emotions and states in real time to help teachers better understand the situation. AIGC effectively pushes personalized education forward.

三、The challenges of AIGC

While optimism about the future prospects of AIGC is mainstream, we also need to face up to the facts and note the challenges AIGC currently faces, such as the fact that AIGC is still in a vague area when it comes to copyright, and it also provides new ways and ideas for fraud, and lacks discernment when it comes to sensitive and prohibited content. These are all risk issues that need to be noted during the development and application of AIGC. At the same time, we must also realize that the underlying technical principles and algorithms related to AIGC are still in the early stages of development, and there are still long opportunities for iteration and optimization in the future. There is no doubt that the future of AIGC is a combination of opportunities and challenges, and we should find a path that suits us, seize the opportunities in time, and not be afraid to meet the challenges, only then will we have the opportunity to succeed.

What are your thoughts on the future of AIGC? Welcome to leave a message.

Reference article: Shi Lin “AIGC Industry Application Research Report, Read the Past and Present Life of AIGC in One Article” (published on the WeChat public account “Yiou.com”)

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